Check Out These Dazzling Charlotte-Metro Homes On the Market

Check Out These Dazzling Charlotte-Metro Homes On the Market

Charlotte Patch has pulled together a list of some of the most homes for sale on the market right now in the area. To view more photos of these homes, you can click on the blue hyperlink below each house.

Want to learn about what’s for sale in your neighborhood? You may find your own hidden treasure or bargain home on the Charlotte Real Estate page.

Here are this week’s picks for beautiful homes on the market in the area:

2000 Harris Rd, Charlotte, North Carolina

A gorgeous Low Country-style home is on the market in Myers Park for $1,980,000. This five-bedroom home is filled with luxurious touches, such as opulent moldings, fixtures, a gourmet kitchen, large walk-in closets, a nanny suite, a custom paneled office and more. This home sits on a lot almost an acre in size, and is close to Uptown and SouthPark.
Here’s what says:


2816 Whiting Ave, Charlotte, North Carolina

A three-bedroom 1920’s style Sears & Roebuck bungalow reproduction is on the market for $443,000. This home offers more than 2,400-square-feet of living space and is filled with plush features, such as hardwood flooring, custom lighting, a gas fireplace in the large living room, vaulted ceilings and more. The gourmet kitchen has maple mission styled cabinets with glass fronts, granite counters and stainless steel appliances. In the lower level, enjoy a large bonus recreational room with a bedroom and full bath. Outside features include a custom gas fire pit, carport with built-in storage and more.

13807 Hagers Ferry Rd, Huntersville, North Carolina

A gorgeous all-brick luxury estate home is on the market in Huntersville for $2.2 million. This seven-bedroom home boasts more than 7,700 square-feet of living space and sits on the bank of Lake Norman on more than 2 acres of secluded wooded property. Inside features include a dramatic two-story spiral staircase, a sauna, multiple jetted tubs, a wine tasting room, a home theater, an exercise room, as well as game, sewing and garden rooms. In the gourmet kitchen you’ll find dual stainless steel ovens, a Thermador gas range, granite counters, and a large eat-in island. The luxurious touches extend outside, with a lakeside chipping green, pier with a boat slip, koi pond, gazebo, fire pit, a secret garden and more.

103 College Dr, Davidson, North Carolina

A fixer-upper house in a prime location near Davidson College is on the market for $738,000. This four-bedroom traditional style brick home sits on almost an acre of land that offers plenty of privacy. Davidson amenities are close by, with just a one block walk to the college or two block walk to downtown. The property also features a beautiful log barn.

147 S Longfellow Ln, Mooresville, North Carolina

A plush Tudor-style estate home located in The Point community is on the market in Mooresville for $4,599,000. This five-bedroom home is filled with luxurious touches, from a gourmet European-style kitchen with double islands to a private veranda with a fireplace, bar and saltwater pool. The master suite includes a see through antique fireplace and a two-level closet. Interior finishes include gorgeous fixtures, a stone fireplace, sweeping views and more.

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How Charlotte may have dodged a bullet with Amazon HQ2

A sigh of relief: That’s what some around Charlotte breathed last week, when Amazon announced the city didn’t make its shortlist for the massive second headquarters known as HQ2.

While local officials and economic developers have salivated over the 50,000 high-paying jobs and $5 billion worth of investment Amazon has said will bring to the chosen city, others worried about an Amazon-fueled boom driving up housing costs, increasing traffic, straining infrastructure and demanding expensive tax incentives.

“I’d call it a dodged bullet, frankly,” said Ray McKinnon, pastor at South Tryon Community United Methodist Church and a member of the Charlotte Housing Authority’s board of commissioners. “Charlotte hasn’t figured out already how we handle this crisis of housing. To add the headquarters of Amazon to the mix would, I think, just be too much, too soon.”

To be sure, forecasters don’t think the Charlotte region will stop growing, and short of a major economic crisis, housing prices aren’t likely to come down anytime soon. The region’s economy is growing and the number of houses and apartments remains extremely low. And Amazon isn’t the sole driver of breakneck growth in Seattle, which is also home to companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks and Costco.

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But skeptics point to the unintended consequences of Seattle’s building boom, including heavier traffic, rising taxes and property values that are becoming unaffordable. Amazon, Seattle’s largest employer, says it employs more than 40,000 people in the city. By comparison, Charlotte’s largest employer is Carolinas HealthCare, which has about 32,000 employees in the region.

Seattle named 20 cities finalists for HQ2, whittling down the original 238 applicants. Heavyweight cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Boston and Chicago made the list, as well as smaller cities closer to Charlotte’s size, such as Columbus, Ohio; Austin, Tex.; Nashville, Tenn; Indianapolis and Raleigh.

The huge influx of well-paid young professionals to Seattle has helped revitalize the city and drive a construction boom, but it’s also led to plenty of complaints from local residents, who are glad the company is looking elsewhere for its next phase of growth.

“As we’re plainly choking on the population influxes we’re already experiencing, the company’s stated intention of increasing staffing outside of Seattle should actually be cause for relief,” reader Bruce Bonifaci wrote in a September editorial in the Seattle Times.

Charlotte’s buses were tricked out with messages to Amazon last year.

Diedra Laird

The city has topped lists for fastest-rising housing prices, jumping almost 13 percent from the prior year, according to S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller. The Seattle Times reported the median sale price for a house in Seattle reached $725,000 in December, an increase of $90,000 in just a year. Rents jumped from $1,020 in 2010 to $1,647 in 2017, an increase of more than 60 percent, the Seattle Times reported, though rent dipped slightly last year.

The cost of housing has been rising in Charlotte, too, worsening an ongoing shortage of places where low-wage workers can afford to live. The median price for a home sold in Charlotte this December was $235,000, up $25,000 from December 2016. The city’s average rent hit $1,115, up 33 percent in the past five years.

McKinnon, the pastor, said that while Amazon could be good for Charlotte property values, he didn’t think the benefits from high-tech jobs would spread across the city.

“The jobs would not be jobs where folks who were already housing-distressed would benefit from, and it would drive up prices across the board,” said McKinnon, “even more displacing or pushing out folks who already can’t afford the housing now.”

Charlotte’s presentation to Amazon presented on the screen at the Amazon HQ2 Media Event at the UNC Charlotte Center City building last year.

Diedra Laird

An analysis from Apartment List, an online research service, showed that Charlotte rents could be “moderately impacted” by Amazon’s arrival, adding another 0.7 to 1 percent annual rent increase each year over the next decade, on top of the annual rent growth already occurring.

Raleigh, with a smaller stock of housing, would see even more dramatic increases, with rents rising 1.5 to 2 percent a year on top of existing increases if Amazon picks that city, according to the economic projection.

Other annoyances in Seattle tend to the more mundane, such as closures of beloved mom-and-pop stores and dive bars, or the minor, such as Amazon flooding the city with free bananas, having handed out 1.7 million near its headquarters over two years. The tech giant seems to be capable of exhausting a city’s transit system: Last summer, Seattle had to add two additional buses to accommodate all of Amazon’s interns, according to the Seattle Times.

But the challenges Amazon has presented in Seattle are “problems of success,” according to Brooking Institute fellow Adie Tomer.

In other words, Seattle has felt growing pains because its biggest employer is growing so fast. It’s not like the city is straining for resources because people are leaving.

“Challenges of success are definitely the preference to challenges of failure,” Tomer said.

The influence of a behemoth like Amazon is enough to boost the statewide economy through more jobs and investment from Amazon, meaning Charlotte could stand to benefit even if Raleigh lands the company’s second headquarters, Tomer added.

He also noted that now that Charlotte is off Amazon’s list of potential new homes, local leaders can use the millions in incentives they’d contemplated offering Amazon to instead reinvest in schools, workforce training, tech incubators and other areas that support the city’s growth.

“The bullet they’re all going to dodge is incentives,” Tomer said of Charlotte and other cities that didn’t make Amazon’s short list. Tax incentives are often criticized as corporate welfare, or for not paying off in the long run for the cities and states that use them to lure companies.

Professor and urban theorist Richard Florida wrote last week that Amazon is “pitting city against city in a wasteful and economically unproductive bidding war for tax and other incentives.”

Local leaders have not disclosed details of Charlotte’s bid, including where sites they offered Amazon are located, and how much tax incentive money Amazon could get. A representative from the Charlotte Regional Partnership, the 16-county group that submitted Charlotte’s bid, could not be reached for comment Monday.

Some other localities did: Newark, which did make Amazon’s short list, is offering more than $7 billion in state and local tax incentives.

Charlotte leaders must ask themselves the rhetorical question, Tomer said: “We have this much for incentives. Where else can we throw that money?”

Charlotte City Council member Tariq Bokhari, who helped lead a group called Hivestorm with the Carolina Fintech Hub to support the Amazon bid, said whichever city Amazon picks will have to deal with “painful day-to-day tactical decision-making to meet the needs of the new company.”

Whichever city that is, he said, will have to make sure it remains a good deal for taxpayers.

But, Bokhari added, landing Amazon “is game-changing enough that it’s worth taking on that pain.”

Ely Portillo: 704-358-5041, @ESPortillo

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The Best Way To Find CHARLOTTE Beach News

Are you from Charlotte Beach? Would you like to find out what is happening in this area? If you haven’t been there for a few weeks, you might be curious. It’s so easy to locate these websites that will post this information. It will be from news reporter said likely live there and report on this every day. The time that you spend looking for these websites can be minimized by simply searching for local news for Charlotte Beach. To find the best sources of this information, this information can be found on the web or in a local printed directory.

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Should You Use More Than One Site?

You should probably use more than one website. This will give you a wider range of things that are available. By the end of the day, you will know exactly where to get this information. It’s going to help you make the right choices. If you are able to search for a longer than a few minutes, you should have several different sources for this information. You may need to look a little longer to find the best sources of news. By the end of the week, you should have all of the best websites bookmarked.

Charlotte Apartments Are Going Up, But So Are Rents

Charlotte apartments are going up, but so are the rents. The Queen City is the largest individual city in the state of North Carolina, and decades of growth have finally eaten up all the available land to build on. As such, the housing market is very much a seller’s market, with homes going fast and high in price.

The area boom in growth also saw suburbs explode in size, so the city can’t keep up the growth of the 1970s and on the same way, which was often fueled by developing cheap property that used to be either wooded or farmland. Rather than growing out, it now grows up. Tens of thousands of apartment units are being built, but even with all those units slated to come onto the market, rents are still rising.

Demand is that fierce for housing. However, one other thing driving up the average rent is the fact that many of the new apartments are luxury and high-end apartments. This is being done partly because there is a market segment that can afford it, but also because developers and builders that go for the wealthier end of the renter spectrum can get their money back years sooner than doing something more affordable.

Unfortunately, many of the new units are being built on land once-occupied by units that were cheaper or even considered affordable housing, which is in scarce supply across the city. Charlotte ranks low in terms of economic mobility from working class to higher levels of society or better income, which is somewhat ironic in a city that consistently ranks in the top three of the nation’s financial centers and banking hubs.

Many different Charlotte apartments are available across the city, but expect to pay dearly for one of them.

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