‘She’s so sorry for the way she left’: I’m A Celebrity psychic Jackie Gillies discusses Charlotte Dawson’s suicide with ‘best friend’ Simone Holtznagel

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She was left devastated when her Australia’s Next Top Model mentor Charlotte Dawson committed suicide in 2014 aged just 47. And Simone Holtznagel became emotional once again when I’m A Celebrity psychic Jackie Gillies discussed the tragedy on Sunday night. The 37-year-old claimed Charlotte wanted to tell Simone she was ‘so sorry for the way Read More …

How Charlotte may have dodged a bullet with Amazon HQ2

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A sigh of relief: That’s what some around Charlotte breathed last week, when Amazon announced the city didn’t make its shortlist for the massive second headquarters known as HQ2. While local officials and economic developers have salivated over the 50,000 high-paying jobs and $5 billion worth of investment Amazon has said will bring to the Read More …

The Best Way To Find CHARLOTTE Beach News

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Are you from Charlotte Beach? Would you like to find out what is happening in this area? If you haven’t been there for a few weeks, you might be curious. It’s so easy to locate these websites that will post this information. It will be from news reporter said likely live there and report on Read More …

Perfect Apartment Life

Tips for Spending a Perfect Apartment Life

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Apartment hunting is a stressful business and so is living in an apartment. Things sometimes get out of the hands when you have to cope up with noisy neighbors, less space, and bossy landlords. You need to calm down yourself as nothing in life is easy. Here we will tell you about some tricks through which you can manage your apartment life.